InstantMediations, a site by mediators, for mediators.

Our Story

InstantMediations was born from a passion to help mediators and consumers solve a very basic problem. What happens when disputing parties are to mediate, but some or all of the parties cannot be present in a physical office? There are work arounds such as appearing by telephone, but the experience is impersonal and lacks safeguards that guarantee confidentiality and security. With InstantMediations, parties can engage credentialed mediators around the world and around the clock “instantly” to help mediate their matter in-person or online on a safe and confidential mediation platform. With ongoing training to develop their latest technology skills and ensure best practices, “Instant Mediators” give their customers the best chance to reach compromise and settle disputes when those parties are all or partially remote.

Our Mission

The mission of InstantMediations is to promote peaceful resolution of legal disputes through technology so to bring peace to people’s lives, whether that is online, locally, or internationally.

Our Vision

The vision of InstantMediations is to help individuals facing the stress of litigation by equipping mediators around the world with dependable tools around a 5-step plan that helps them bring their clients closer to solving their disagreements.

Our Contact

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Mailing Address: Instant Mediations, LLC PO Box 735, Houston, TX