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Got a legal dispute but little time? We help parties in conflict make peace quick so they can get back to what matters.

InstantMediators was born from a passion that encourages conflict resolution using technology, especially technology that ends the frustrating and time-consuming process of getting legal opponents to the negotiating table. Whether it's a co-parenting dispute over kids or a conflict between business partners, mediate it fast and move on.

Family Law & Divorce

Resolve that pending divorce case out of court by negotiating an equitable property division in days, not months or years.

Co-Parenting Disagreements

Help put to bed toxic disputes over child custody and support right away by working out a parenting plan that actually sticks.

Business Law Conflicts

Save thousands in litigation costs by entering a mediated settlement agreement over contract disputes sooner rather than later.

Civil Suit Mediations

Quickly conclude consumer, workplace, landlord, and insurance disputes confidentially outside of a judge or jury.

Education & Peer Mediations

Conveniently address conflict in schools in ways that empowers students and facilitates learning and promotes personal growth among young people.

Pre-Suit Mediation

Help avoid unnecessary litigation in the first place by trying out voluntary alternative conflict resolution with an opponent to attempt settlement, or at least narrow down the contested issues in dispute.

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Several factors can contribute to delays in getting people to the mediation table to address their conflicts.
InstantMediators addresses those problems.

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