Introduction to with Darcy Thompson and Jeff Aresty

Darcy Thompson and Jeff Aresty are mediators who founded Peaceful Talks, a mediation office that helps people resolve disputes through peaceful communication. Darcy has extensive experience in mediating civil, community, business, school, and faith-based disputes. Jeff’s background lies in business and real estate law, focusing on keeping deals together and maintaining effective relationships.

Peaceful Talks aims to help individuals restore communication breakdowns by using peaceful words and tones instead of resorting to verbal or physical violence during conflicts. Peaceful Talks handles civil, business, breach of contract, landlord-tenant, education-related disputes along with non-profit organizations or homeowner association (HOA) conflicts.

The philosophy Behind ‘Peaceful Talks’ name selection is that it reflects the founders’ commitment to peace-building efforts embedded in the legal philosophy where peaceful communications play a crucial role in resolving conflicts.

Peaceful Talk’s co-mediation process involves two mediators working together to help parties communicate and resolve disputes. Peaceful Talks works in conjuction with Both sites provide information about how parties can schedule a session quickly via Peaceful Talk’s online calendar:

Parties in dispute can reach out via email at thompson’ or through the ‘Contact Us’ section on the Peaceful Talks website. The mediators are available to answer question and provide assistance beyond scheduling sessions through the calendar system.


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